With a stabilizing rotational spin rate 10 times faster than conventional vanes, the new six-vane Helios fletching and nock system from Nockturnal is almost unaffected by crosswind.

Utilizing aerodynamic lift properties on six small fletches instead of three larger conventional ones, the Helios delivers quiet flight, unmatched accuracy and deeper penetration at the target.

“Anybody who’s ever sat next to a window over an airplane wing knows that when it’s time to slow down and land, dropping the flaps creates parasitic drag—which is how conventional fletching works—and that can lead to a very unnerving flight in turbulent air,” said Jon Syverson, executive vice president. “With the flaps up, the smooth wing cuts through turbulence, and that’s the principal we used to design the Helios. 

“Each of the six aerofoil vanes produces lift instead of drag to create a spin that’s impossible in conventional designs, no matter how steep the angle of the vanes.”

Spinning at 2,500 RPMs, the Helios has shown to be almost unaffected by 25 mph crosswinds in wind tunnel and range testing.

To see a demonstration of the wind tunnel testing, click here or watch the attached video.

The Helios incorporates a proprietary translucent urethane in the rear of the fletching that transmits light from the illuminated nock toward the archer in a spinning 1 1/8-inch diameter glow. The translucent urethane is permanently bonded to an opaque white urethane in the front of the vane system that blocks the glow from the target. 

The durable Helios fletching is molded in one piece, so no jigs are required for installation, and there’s no possibility of misaligned fletching or vanes that come loose in flight. Each Helios vane and nock system weighs 54 grains.

To install, simply slide the Helios vane over the arrow, insert the nock, and you’re ready to shoot. A light bead of super glue on the front of the vane system can provide added assurance that your nock will stay in place in the event of a pass-through, but it’s not required.

The Helios is available in either the standard illuminated version with an instant-on, string-activated nock or as a non-illuminated Helios Eclipse version for practice and for states that don’t allow illuminated nocks. 

Five sizes are available in each version—S, G, H, GT and X. Suggested retail of the Helios illuminated nock and vanes is $34.99 for a three pack of either red or green, and the Helios Eclipse is available as a six-pack for $34.99.

For more information on the Helios system, click here.