Our magazine’s own Mark Boyd is a well-versed public lands turkey hunter and he beats the public odds often. 

“One of my favorite public lands to hunt is the Homochitto National Forest east of Natchez,” said Boyd. “I found out years ago just how popular the area is to resident and non-resident turkey hunters alike. 

“My strategy to hunt this area is first to leave weekends alone. I hunt early or mid-week when others have to work. Then I avoid the popular parking areas seeking out more isolated spots. This is key. To avoid other hunters, don’t hunt anywhere near where they go.”

Boyd extends his care to his scouting and listening.

“Unlike many turkey hunters, I do not ride the roads stopping every few hundred yards to listen for a gobble,” he said. “Rather, I park in a lone area, and then walk in as much as a mile to get off the beaten path. Turkeys are everywhere. The trick is to get deep into the forest where they also avoid the majority of hunters.”