Hogs are the scrouge of the South nowadays, with swine spreading into every area and generally causing mayhem. They tear up feeders, root up trails and create nasty wallows in bottoms — competing with the deer we all want to hunt.

What we need, according to the attached video, is German hunter Franz-Albrecht Oettingin to make a round through the state and put the smackdown on problem populations.

The man, who is a well-known bear hunter in his native Germany, leaves a swath of destruction in his wake whenever he hits the woods. He proves time and again that he can hit hogs at full stride with kill shots, stacking them up in quick succession.

The video shows him shooting running hogs through trees, rechambering and putting down the next and the next and the next hog passing his position.

Franz's weapon of choice is a bolt-action rifle with a red-dot scope, and he is an absolute machine.

And the video includes slow-motion scenes and clips from different angles showing the impact points — many of them head shots.

It's an amazing feat of markmanship. So watch as Franz the Hog Killer puts the smackdown on swine.

You'll be inspired to get out and practice on a few of those hogs tearingup your hunting property.