Field hunting


1. There are more opportunities for shooting because it’s a food source, and sooner or later ducks will come to feed.

2 Fields work with cloudy and clear conditions.

3. There is a bigger variety of ducks.


1. It’s difficult to hide (but pit blinds and layouts help).

2. A 1-acre hole can quickly turn into a 10-acre hole with a good rain.

3. It’s ineffective on a full moon

4. The fields will freeze up.

Timber hunting


1. There’s more cover in which to hide.

2. Duck flyways are limited, which allows for more up-close shooting.

3. It’s odeal for small parties.

4. The setting is prettier.


1. You must have availability of water (often means pumping).

2. Forget cloudy days.

3. Gadwalls dictate the hunt, and they are very unpredictable.

4. It can requires boating in the dark, which can be dangerous.