The alligator season opens today at noon, which means there will be a lot of bleary-eyed hunters on the water chasing the giant lizards.

“The only problem with gator season is the lack of sleep before opening day cause you’re too excited,” Wesley Harris posted early Friday morning on the Facebook page, Mississippi Alligator Hunters. “I hope you guys and gals stay safe and have a great time out there!”

Posted yet another: “The day is here, within hours of the hunt of our lives ... Good luck everyone, be safe and let’s beat that 15-foot mark!”

And, this post from Ricky Flynt, the alligator program coordinator for the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks: “I hope everyone has made all the preparations by now. Most of all, y’all please be patient, wise, and safe. The nature of the hunt is way more dangerous than the animal that you pursue. I know y’all don't like them but please wear life jackets all the time. If not, at least while you are running from one spot to another. Hope you all hook into a ‘Big ole goodun.’

“Enjoy your time with friends and family and I hope you can create memories to last your lifetime and stories to be told for generations after we’re gone.”

A total of 920 permits were claimed for the statewide public waters hunt and more were issued through the private waters program. The public season will be open through noon on Labor Day (Sept. 5), and the private season through noon on Sept. 19.