When fishing at night, remember to pack:

• Drinking water, sports drinks and snacks are always nice. It is still hot in Mississippi at night and hydration is important.

• Insect repellent. It is essential to have something to keep mosquitoes at bay. A Thermacell device or two is recommended. Spare pads and butane canisters require little room in a tackle bag.

• Lots of light. In addition to a strong light for an aid in navigation, always carry more than one flashlight or headlamp. Three is a good number, one for each angler and a spare. Those with green or red lenses allow for hook retying, fish handling or locating items in the boat without affecting night vision. 

• Cooler space. A roomy ice chest or cooler will be needed as you will have a shot at a lot more than crappie. Channel catfish, bass, large bream and other fish will find the fish around your submerged light tempting fare.

• Sleeves. Packing a long-sleeve shirt is comfortable can help when wind or dampness creeps up in the night.