Veteran crappie angler Les Smith highly recommends Road Runner jigheads for his style of power trolling. He said the balance of the jig, along with the additional flash provided by the spinner blade works well when power trolling.

Determining the color of head to use is often a matter of trial and error. After much field-testing, Smith has decided that location plays a big role in color selection.

“Grenada Lake crappie love an orange head,” said Smith. “That’s pretty well known that orange is a go-to color on Grenada.”

Smith stated that on Enid Lake the pink heads were his best producer and like Grenada, the orange head worked well on Arkabutla.

“Sardis is a mix between orange, chartreuse, and pink,” he said. “I cannot pin down one color because the fish will hit them all one day then only hit one particular color another. You just have to keep switching up.”

As far as blade shapes and colors go, Smith said his favorite is the willow blade with the dimples.

“It’s a personal preference; I just like the willow leaf blades,” he said. “I like the flash the dimples on the willow leaf blade gives off when it’s coming through the water.”

Smith recommends using a silver or chrome blade when fishing in clear water lakes and using the gold blade when fishing murky, dinghy, or muddy waters.