Bassmaster Elite pro Marty Robinson said a handful of lures is about all you need to find hot bass action during August, a month known for it’s dry conditions that often creates clear water conditions in even the dingiest of lakes. 

This sets up a good topwater bite, and in clear water, Robinson will tailor his topwater baits to the amount of wind that is affecting the surface.

“On calm days, I’m gonna use a clear Spook or a clear topwater walking bait,” he said. “Something they can’t see too well but can hear and will come looking to find. The windier it gets, the whiter I want my bait to be, and I’ll switch over to shad-imitating patterns with a white bottom.”

For fish suspended in the top of isolated cover, the pro will go to a crankbait to entice them to bite.

“I love to throw a medium-running crankbait in the top of a brush pile that’s off by itself,” said Robinson. “My favorite is a Luck “E” Strike ½-ounce crankbait and my best color is Marty’s Party.”

When targeting deeper depths of 8 to 20 feet, Robinson may use a topwater bait early in the day, but his two reliable baits are a Texas rigged Zoom Ol’ Monster or a Buckeye ½-ounce Mophead jig paired with a Zoom Super Chunk trailer. Both of these are big baits. The worm is 10½ inches and the jig and trailer are also a mouthful for bass. 

These two are his top picks in run-off areas, and, because run-off water is more likely to be stained, his go-to worm color choice is redbug. He likes a brown jig with a green pumpkin trailer.

He may also fish shallow run-off areas using a weightless worm or an unweighted Fluke but drops back to the Mophead jig or the Ol’ Monster worm if he’s working deeper water or heavy cover.