I am a chronic double-checker. That might be a good quality to have as a writer, but as a deer hunter it can be somewhat self destructive.

After doing everything to get ready for deer season, I can’t help myself: I’ve just got to go back in and see that everything is just right, time and time again.

Apparently, I’m not alone. Bow-hunter Curtis Simpson said he knows other hunters who are just like me.

“They just can’t stand it,” he said. “They’ll get their stands up in August, but then they’ll go sit in them the week before the opener of bow season just to see if they see something.

“When they do that, they undo all the work they put in to getting set up early.”

Some have even come back to Simpson and told him that they saw a little buck. Needless to say, their reports after opening morning aren’t as promising.

“You put deer on guard any time you go into the woods,” Simpson said. “And if you keep going back in to double-check that you’ve got everything right, you’re probably going to be really disappointed when it’s time to sit there for real.”

Simpson’s advice? Leave well enough alone.