Scott Ellis is a three-time Grand National Champion turkey caller who has beaten all comers in practically every venue. More than a champion caller, he’s a tremendous turkey hunter, as evidenced by the gobblers he has killed all over the country.

Ellis has a passion for passing on his knowledge to young hunters as well as people new to the sport. He’s produced many instructional videos and “how to call” clips. His most significant production to date may be his turkey calling app, Turkey Tech, and his DVD’s, Mouth Call Magic 1 and 2. 

His app will put instruction at your fingertips on your cell phone.  Ellis produces eight types of calls, and viewers can learn them on a pot call and mouth call, on video and audio. On the audio portion, you will hear Ellis make the call and a live turkey produce the call. The video has detailed instructions on successful use of mouth and pot-style calls.

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