Bass pro Pete Ponds is an avid dove hunter, but when he’s not in a sunflower field in The Delta in September, you will find him on the water doing what he enjoys most: catching big bass. 

If you look in his boat, you will likely see about a dozen rods on deck with an assortment of lures tied on. According to Ponds, there are five lures you will always find this month:

• Series 200 Bandit crankbait: a series and a shallow Flat Maxx.

• A drop-shot rig: with a small Yum Warning Shot or the Yum Sharp Shooter on a spinning outfit

• A plastic frog: The Scum Dog from the Mississippi-based Southern Lure Co. 

• A hard-bodied topwater lure, either a Spook or a Pop-R.

• A swim jig, typically his own pro model made by Talon, with a Yum Wooly Hawgcrawl plastic trailer.