Sydney and Madison’s first time jigging in the jungle

Sisters Sydney and Madison McClenning are no strangers to outdoor adventure, they’ve traveled all over the U.S. hanging with their family and friends hunting and fishing along the way. Sydney booked a guided crappie fishing trip with Mississippi crappie fishing guide service Barton Outfitters and was warned that the fish might be shallow when they arrived in early April. Syd and crew were more than prepared with their own waders, and quickly got comfortable in the jungle in pursuit of spawning crappie. The key to success both of their two days of fishing was a very subtle presentation, sticking a jig either in a fish’s face or directly in the thickest available cover to induce a strike. As usual, minnows and jigs both performed well, but minnow tipped jigs seemed to work best on finicky fish (especially those staging in 8 feet of water). The crew of ladies hopped on the Lowe Rider with Capt. Josh Quong (owner of Little “q” Ranch near Oxford, Miss.) for a relaxing day of spider rigging for the second day of fishing to round out their Mississippi spawn experience.

Aaron Barton

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