Windy Mississippi Reservoir weekdays make for uncrowded crappie fishing

The Jones family booked a guided crappie fishing adventure with Barton Outfitters in hopes of putting some meat in the freezer before heading to Canada for a catch and release walleye and northern pike fly-in trip.

Todd, his wife and son made good on their promise to be at the boat ramp at least a half-hour before sunrise, and the trio was able to scope some crappie on brush piles in creek mouths before the wind picked up.

Once the morning calm gave way to gusty afternoon conditions, they broke out the crankbaits and trolled grabbing fish from 4 feet to 14 feet primarily fishing 25 feet of water.

Learning to find and catch fish on any day, not just calm blue bird days is crucial to having consistent crappie success. We teach how conditions impact your fishing strategy and how to successfully catch crappie year-round, rain or shine.

Winds 5-8mph out of the north early, picking up to 10+ out of the east. bright colored jigs or small spinners performed equally well as crankbait/minnow offerings.

Aaron Barton

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