Harper takes her first deer in Tippah County


Harper killed her first deer 12-16-20. This buck is a 6½ year old deer nicknamed Rip from the TV show Yellowstone because of his attitude he was a real bully of the woods busted up rack blind in his left eye rips in his ear. This deer has been really fun to chase. He has gotten by us twice already this year. Both times was from chasing does around and other bucks off. With this being Harper’s first year hunting she had a hard time moving the gun and finding him in the scope with all the excitement. But on this day he came through checking scrapes at 4:15 all by himself.  He gave a perfect broadside shot at 85 yards and she dropped him with her Howa 7mm08 with 120gr Hornady reduced recoil load. Killed in Tippah County

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