Pierson’s first buck

Pierson Vance took his first buck while hunting with his dad over the opening weekend in Clinton, MS. With sunset fast approaching, Pierson watched the buck through the scope for five minutes before squeezing the trigger on his Barnett’s Crossbow when the buck presented him with a 25 yard quartered shot. Pierson and his dad lost track of the blood trail and pulled out from their search as darkness took over, but were back on it the next morning for two hours until they jumped the buck and pushed him into a thicket along Baker’s Creek. The father-son team waited the buck out until they heard a large crash at the creek’s edge, but they were forced to pull out from their search again in order for Pierson to make it to his baseball game in time. After the game Pierson and his dad returned to where they heard the large crash and were relieved to find the expired buck 20 feet down the creek.

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