Any Mississippi outdoorsman can find a way to enjoy October

Fall is harvest time in the Mississippi woods and on the waters. Whether you’re targeting small game or deer, or looking to catch more bass, reds and specks, there’s sure to be something for you.

For the hunters

If you’re looking for a place to hunt bushytails or other small game in Mississippi, then read about the state’s top WMAs for those species; find out where to go and how to harvest those red and black fox squirrels and grey squirrels. Jeffrey Wood’s tried and proven hunting tactics also help.

Wood is a well-known dog trainer, squirrel hunter and call maker who has spent a lifetime hunting small game around Mississippi; he knows how to find and hunt squirrels, either still-hunting, calling or using treeing dogs. He discusses some of his early season techniques and explains how he still-hunts in areas with good food sources and gets squirrels cranked up by using one of his custom-made squirrel calls.

Read about a most-unusual tracking dog in “Sophie’s Choice” and learn how an unwanted little puppy became an endearing part of a hunting family and a legend in the deer-hunting community. This inspirational story about Sophie, born weighing a mere 5 ounces and struggling to survive, is truly a remarkable and fascinating one. Over the past few years, she has retrieved an untold number of deer that escaped hunters.

If you want to put an early season buck on the wall and in the freezer, then check out Andy Douglas’ story “Put a buck on a string”. Douglas is a veteran bowhunter who will tell you how to tag a decent buck with your bow.

Mississippi hunters can take to the squirrel woods on Oct. 1 for five months in a long season for bushytails of all kinds: these greys, or the prized fox squirrels that roam the state’s forests.

“A lot of people say they want to get some meat during bow season, but deep down, every bowhunter wants to harvest a big buck with a bow,” Douglas writes. “If you’ll hunt the right food source and know where the hunting pressure is, you can pattern and score on an early season trophy.”

For the fishermen

John Felsher tells us how to “Get in the swim of things” by using swimbaits during the fall cool-down. They’re great big-bass baits and can be used effectively in a variety of water depths and conditions. Fish them around shallow grass and wood, or in deep water, and you’re sure to get bit by a hungry bass if you cast to the right spot.

If you’re hankering for some fast and furious saltwater action, then look no further than Felsher’s “Put a spin on redfish” fishing article. Learn how to search for the hard-fighting redfish and how to catch them with some of his timely fishing advice. When October rolls around, the saltwater marsh and backwater brackish areas can get red hot, if you’re there at the right time.

October signals the beginning of our fall hunting seasons, and many take advantage by hunting and fishing in some of the most fantastic spots in the country — bar none. Take a few of these experts’ tips and techniques and try them for yourself but you’ve got to get outdoors get started.

Carpe Diem!

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