You can only be at one fishing location at a time — so what if you could make that spot more productive by attracting baitfish and gamefish to your specific area?

Now you can with BaitCloud, a formulation of fish-attracting components that utilize all of a fish’s senses, including smell, sound, sight and feel.

When submerged, the 1 ½-inch diameter balls react with a fizzing, bubbling action that releases concentrated attractants into the surrounding water and creates a zone of activity. All ingredients in each BaitCloud ball are 100 percent earth-friendly and bio-degradable, and do not contain fish parts as chum — or any ‘live or prepared bait’ that would disqualify the product for tournament use.

The product comes in a variety of scents that can attract species including bass, catfish and panfish. Each tube contains three balls, and BaitCloud is available at many retailers for about $10.

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