Biologists study results of tournament tagging

An example of the tags used to mark fish released after spring bass tournaments earlier this year on Barnett Reservoir. So far, 47 of the 525 tagged bass have been officially recaptured.

Nearly 10 percent of the 525 bass tagged have been recaptured

Biologists are impressed with the recapture of bass initially tagged and released earlier this year after spring tournaments at Barnett Reservoir.

Of the 525 largemouth bass tagged and released over two weekends at the much-used Goshen Springs Landing along Mississippi Highway 43, the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks can confirm 47 recaptures.

“That’s a pretty good return,” said biologist Ryan Jones, who headed the project. “That’s nearly 10 percent, but I know more have been caught. I’ve talked to several tournament fishermen who said they had caught and released more tagged fish, but immediately released them without recording the tag number because they were in competition and didn’t have time.

“Because we couldn’t get a tag number or a GPS location, we didn’t count them. But, I’m pleased with the reports we got and we are still studying the data we received. And, we are still asking that fishermen report any tagged bass they catch.”

The information needed is the tag number, date of recapture, GPS or approximate location, and whether the fish was released again or taken from the lake. It can be reported to the MDWFP by calling (601) 432-2212.

Among the more interesting information already gleaned:

* 41 of the 47 were recaptured north of Highway 43, with the other six on the south side in what is called the main lake.

* Over half were recaptured either in the Goshen Springs Harbor or along the riprap bank along Highway 43 and the boat channel to the landing.

* 37 percent were captured a few miles north in the Cane Creek and Horseshoe Lake areas.

* The longest movement was by a bass recaptured in the Ratliff Ferry area over 9 river miles north of Highway 43.

* The next longest was a fish that swam 8 miles south of Goshen Springs in the Twin Harbors area of the main lake.

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