Keep it safe at night

A slower retrieve and big bait spelled success for Mike Giles during a warm night on the water.

Safety is paramount when night fishing for any species of fish. Many of these points may seem mundane, but each bears repeating.

  1. File a trip plan. Let someone know where you plan to be fishing.
  2. Wear a PFD all the time.
  3. Insure that the boat’s navigation and mooring lights work properly.
  4. Have a dependable flashlight, or flood light within reach.
  5. Use a headband or hat-mounted light for tying or retying baits and removing fish.
  6. Take along a buddy. Don’t fish at night alone.
  7. Slow as you go. Logs, stumps and rebar are plentiful. Always use a bright floodlight when navigating outside the channel.

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