Mister Twister’s Magnum Sin-Sation

This chunky bass was caught recently on Mister Twister’s new Magnum Sin-Sation.

Reboot of old classic is bigger and better

What soft-plastic creature bait has an oversized, curved, a wide tail, an hour glass-shaped body lined with air pockets and distinctive wings that remind so many veteran bass anglers of a popular Mister Twister soft plastic first introduced in 1976?

Mister Twister sales manager Darryl Laurent of Bossier City, La., will be the first to identify it as the Magnum Sin-Sation, which he and Mister Twister general manager Chuck Byrd designed over the past winter in an effort to replace the original Sin-Sation from the mid-1970s.

The original Sin-Sation was produced in three sizes — 3 inches, 4 inches and 6 inches — and can legitimately could be called the first-ever creature bait, Laurent said.

“We dropped it a few years ago. People kept asking for it,” Laurent said about the original Sin-Sation.

A quick glance at eBay shows bass anglers still pine for the old Sin-Sation.

Minden-based Mister Twister listened. And the artificial lure manufacturer gave bass anglers something a little bulkier and, apparently, better, according to Jason Pecoraro of Youngsville, who will be the second person to tell you the answer to the question above is the Magnum Sin-Sation.

The 42-year-old basser, who fishes B.A.S.S. and FLW, has found a reliable go-to artificial lure to help him put bass in the boat.

“I really like the bait. I think it’s a good bait even for bed fishing,” Pecoraro said.

Laurent, 55, who has been with the company 26 years, called it a very versatile artificial lure. It should be in the hands of beau coup bass fishermen as of June. The Magnum Sin-Sations are so new that shipping of the product to retailers only began May 19.

“Nobody’s seen this yet. It’s so different. It’s so versatile. It’s unbelievable. You can do everything with it,” Laurent said, noting it can be Texas rigged and Carolina rigged as well as used for punching through grass because of its shape.

It can even be retrieved as a swim bait. It can be impaled on a ChatterBait-type lure or on an Alabama rig or something similar.

“I think it will be received very well. It’s pretty exciting. You’ll see what I’m talking about. I think we’ve got the design down pretty good,” Mister Twister’s sales manager said.

Laurent and Byrd started diagramming it in November. It took about two months to arrive at the shape they wanted. It has unique qualities, they said.

Perhaps its most-notable feature underwater is that it “pushes a lot of water” as it is used.

“One of our guys called it ‘the ultimate bass-catching lure because it is so versatile,’” Laurent said.

One of those guys is Pecoraro. Other notable Louisiana bass anglers who have been using it are Pete Daniels of Blanchard, Lucas Ragusa of Gonzales, Brent Bonadona of Port Allen and Jason Pittman of Slidell.

“What I’m looking forward to is fishing it in the (Atchafalaya) Basin this summer around wood. I can’t wait,” Pecoraro said, noting the new soft plastic should be productive in and around drains, too.

He’s also looking forward to fishing Mister Twister’s Magnum Sin-Sation in the B.A.S.S. Nation Central Division Championship in June on Lake Eufala in Oklahoma, where the two-time Louisiana state champion is hopeful of earning another national championship tournament berth like he did in 2011 when he went to the Ouachita River and 2012 when he qualified to go to Wheeler Lake in Alabama.

He approves of the bulky shape.

“Yeah, there’s a little more meat to the bait, so it’s more durable,” he said. “We’ll be able to catch more fish on the bait. It’s pliable and has some rigidity, as well, so it’ll enable you to use a twist-lock hook.”

There are other important features, he said, such as the big, sickle tail and the wings about 1 inch below the tip of the creature bait. Those wings remind him of one of his favorite soft plastics he threw about two decades ago and caught a lot fish on.

“This has brought back some memories, brought me back to my roots,” he said.

Like the popular Poc’it Phenom plastic worms also manufactured by Mister Twister, the Magnum Sin-Sation’s air pockets can serve to tantalize bass even more, according to Pecoraro.

“The air pockets will make little air bubbles that I think will help enhance the action and get some more bites,” he said.

Depending on the cover, Pecoraro plans to fish the Mister Twister product on 15- and 20-pound fluorocarbon fishing line.

The Magnum Sin-Sation is available in 10 colors.

For more information on Mister Twister’s Magnum Sin-Sation and other Mister Twister products, call 318-377-8818 or go to mistertwister.com.

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