Spro Flappin’ Frog 65

Buzz up bass with this weedless kicking frog

The SPRO Flappin’ Frog 65 features a hollow body and large kicker legs. Its weedless design allows anglers to buzz it through even the heaviest cover without snagging. The kicking legs act similar to buzzbait blades, calling in bass for explosive hits. But unlike buzzbaits, this lure is right at home in lily pads and other surface weeds or debris.

The 4/0 Gamakatsu Nano-Smooth Coat double hook provides solid and effortless hook sets. TPE construction makes it ultra durable and the 5/8-ounce weight allows for long casts. Heavy weed patches hold elusive bass, but most lures don’t stand a chance in such areas. Don’t pass up those sure-fire honey holes — make a cast with the Flappin’ Frog and get ready to set the hook.

For more info, visit: spro.com

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