Channel cats love a stinky sticky bait

A channel catfish olfactory senses are nearly 10 times greater than those of a largemouth bass or rainbow trout, making stinkbaits an effective tool for catching them.

While many die hard catfish anglers make their own concoctions of stink baits, a tried and true favorite is a product called Sonny’s Super Sticky Channel Catfish Bait. The bait comes in either 15-ounce jars or 45-ounce tubs and is designed especially for catching channel catfish.

All species of catfish get lumped together as scavengers when in truth, specific baits all have different appeals depending upon the type of catfish you’re after. It’s a well-known fact among veteran anglers that flathead catfish will turn up their nose at anything other than freshly cut bait or a whole live bait.

Blue catfish tend to be more opportunistic feeders but still depend largely on fresh fish, mussels and crayfish for their diet.

If there is a true scavenger in the group, it’s the channel catfish. But the label scavenger is mostly a misnomer, owing largely to the channel catfish’s highly developed olfactory senses.

Catfish have olfactory pits on each side of their head. Each pit has two nostrils. Water comes in one nostril and goes out the other. The olfactory pit has folds inside that are lined with sensitive tissue for detecting food. In comparison, a rainbow trout has about 18 folds while a largemouth bass has roughly a dozen. Channel catfish have 140 of these folds in each nostril granting it the capability to detect one part food in 10 billion parts water.

Fishermen like Sonny’s Super Sticky Channel Catfish Bait for two reasons — it appeals to a cat’s sense of smell and it sticks to a hook.

“I don’t know what’s in it but it smells good to channel cats and it sticks really well to a piece of swim noodle when you dip it in the jar,” said angler Chris Simpson. “I can always rely on it to catch channel cats.”

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