Gamakatsu Light Hooks

Gamakatsu Light Hooks

OK, I’ll admit it: I can’t fish with circle hooks. I mean the danged things take all the fun out of fishing, since setting the hook almost always results in a miss.

But there’s one thing I can’t take away from the hooks: Used properly, they have astounding hook-up ratios.

Gamakatsu has finally offered a hook that provides the best of both worlds in their Nautilus Light Circle Hook.

“You can still somewhat set the hook,” Gamakatsu’s Syd Rives said.

This is a light wire hook developed specifically for fishing fragile live bait, the Nautilus Light is formed from forged high-carbon steel. A nickel silver black finish offers superb corrosion resistance.

Other features include a straight eye and offset point for superior hooking performance.

It’s ideal for live-bait and cut-bait anglers.

Of course, the shape is designed to hook and hold fish securely.

Available in 2 to 8/0 sizes. Retails from $3.98 per pack.

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