Countless June fishing options

(Photo courtesy Cal Cossich)

The possibilities of finding and catching fish in June is almost unlimited in our state. I caught a variety of fish during one kayak fishing trip to a shallow water creek. I’d rigged a small crawfish colored swim bait on a single hook with a teardrop blade and worked the lure around brush, current breaks and across the mouths of tributaries. My target species was the feisty spotted bass but in quick succession I caught catfish, crappie, redbellies and a chain pickerel. On other occasions I even caught white bass and striped bass. The spotted bass were my target, and they were plentiful and struck hard providing me with much-needed angling action and stress relief.

No matter what type of fishing you prefer, June is the month to get out on the water and catch fish. The spawn is over and every species of fish that swims in Mississippi waters will be feasting on baitfish, crawfish or some type of food. Anglers should have no trouble catching fish and plenty of them. Saltwater, freshwater, lakes, rivers or streams, all have spectacular fishing just waiting for you. This month we’ll cover numerous species of fish and how to catch and cook them in our features.

Our June issue

In “Rigs, reefs and wrecks,” John Felsher tells anglers how they can maximize their costly offshore fishing trips. As the fuel costs rise to record numbers everyone is concerned about the cost of fishing. From anglers, to guides and boat owners, everybody is feeling the crunch and Felsher’s timely article is just the ticket.

Are you a saltwater angler? Maybe you want to learn how to fish in saltwater but don’t know what to do or where to go. John Felsher’s feature, “Coastal Cornucopia” explores the rich waters around Biloxi Bay. The bay offers something for everyone and Felsher gives us a peek at some possibilities.

Now that you’ve caught those fish what are you going to do with them? Kinny Haddox’s feature, “6 ways to Sunday,” is for every angler and person who likes to catch, clean and eat fish. Haddox covers a variety of recipes and techniques.

Do you want to learn a little more about speckled trout? Then take a gander at Jon Miller’s “Speck Education” feature. Miller visited the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory of the University of Southern Mississippi in Ocean Springs to learn what he could do to help fishermen better understand speckled trout behaviors.

While saltwater fishing is hot and heavy this month, we can’t leave out one of the most sought after and succulent freshwater fish swimming in our waters today.

Phillip Gentry’s feature “The crappie fishing after-party” reminds us that just because the spawn is over it doesn’t mean it’s too late to catch crappie. If anything, the crappie may be easier to locate and catch after the spawn, as they just change locations. Gentry gives us some tips on what do to after the spawn.

Read along and enjoy some of Mississippi’s finest angling opportunities.

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