LIVETARGET Croaker Swimbait

Life-like swimbait is great for saltwater fish

Croakers, a/k/a hardheads, make up a big part of the diet for redfish, speckled trout and many other saltwater species.

LIVETARGET brings its life-like touch to this croaker-mimicking swimbait. Casting in open water or under docks, expect rod-jarring hits from a variety of gamefish.

The realistic dorsal fin does more than look good. It acts as a hook shield for the extra-wide gap hook, which is pre-rigged and perfectly balanced.

An extra eyelet on the lure’s bottom allows anglers to add another hook, a blade or other fish-attracting accessory.

Available in two sizes (4-inch, 1 ounce; and 5-inch, 1.75) and two color patterns, including yellowfin croaker and Atlantic croaker.

A simple steady retrieve is all it takes to impart the lure’s natural swimming motion.

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