Berkley HighJacker 100

The HighJacker draws explosive topwater strikes

The Berkley HighJacker 100 Saltwater lure will draw explosive strikes from speckled trout and numerous other fish.

With a weighting system that allows for long-distance casting, you’ll have no problem targeting fish that are pursuing schools of baitfish.

That same weighting system makes it easy to walk the dog, even at high speeds, so when Spanish mackerel and chopper bluefish are your target, you’ll have no trouble keeping up with the pace.

At 4 inches long and weighing 2/3-ounce, it’s the perfect size for going after specks, but it’s equally effective on redfish, stripers, and even largemouth bass when you’re fishing in freshwater.

This surface lure is available in 10 colors, and the 3X Anti-Rust Fusion19 hooks help you make solid hooksets.

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