The Quiver Shad

This big trout is flopping in the net because it couldn't resist a Quiver Shad.

New Egret bait aims to make reds, trout shake, rattle and roll

When Ken Chaumont discusses the newest artificial lure from Egret Baits, he proudly emphasizes that it’s all about the material.

There’s that, for sure, because thermoplastic elastomer makes the Quiver Shad’s entry into the market notable. It combines TPE with the company’s first cocahoe minnow-shaped body.

Chaumont, Egret Baits owner/president since the company started approximately 14 years ago, anticipates the Quiver Shad gaining a lofty status like the legendary Vudu Shrimp from Egret Baits.

Simply, designers wanted to build a “shad-style” bait with a boot tail and went all in on that early last year, he said.

“This is the most common shape of soft plastics that are effective for speckled trout, redfish and flounder,” Chaumont said. Egret Baits didn’t try to reinvent the wheel, he added.

Into production

After the first prototype was produced with a temporary mold, Chaumont tested it and the prototypes that followed in a swimming pool environment. The bait’s “stiffness” and different sizes were tweaked before going into final production in December 2022.

Egret Baits plans to fill stocking orders for The Quiver Shad in early April. It is expected to be on the shelves of major retail businesses before June.

“It’s going to catch a lot of redfish, a lot of speckled trout and a lot of flounder,” Chaumont said.

That it is made with TPE, the “Tough As Hell” plastic his company calls Thermolast, should win the hearts of beaucoup saltwater fishermen along the Gulf Coast and up the East Coast as well. Those regions already are huge markets for other TPE-filled Vudu Brands, according to Chaumont, who now lives in Tyler, Texas, but lived in Lake Charles, La., many years before back-to-back hurricanes in 2020 – Laura in August and Delta in October — moved him out.

How tough is this material? Fishermen have been known to catch up to 200 fish on one Vudu Shrimp. That’s what separates the TPE soft plastics from other “boot tail”-designed soft plastics, according to Chaumont.

“I’ve fished them all and, for the most part, they are very similar. Pretty plain and simple, but a lure that will catch hundreds of fish without tearing is a huge leap for this type of lure. That’s what Vudu is known for,” Chaumont said.

Quiver and shake

The Quiver Shads, which quiver and shake on the retrieve, are available in 12 colors and in 3- and 4-inch models. The 3-inch model comes six per pack with one bonus 1/8-ounce Vudu jighead, while the 4-inch comes five per pack with one 14-ounce bonus Vudu jighead.

“We have the best colors,” Chaumont said. Those ultra-popular colors include Tiger Bait (also known as LSU), Opening Night, Chicken on a Chain, Glow Chartreuse and Pearl.

Egret Baits, a division of Cowboy Outdoors LA, LLC remains a Louisiana artificial lure manufacturing company based in Many, La.

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