Daiwa Ardito Surf Rods

A 5-piece for the surf

When surf fishing, anglers need a long rod to help get their bait out past the breakers. But the best-casting surf rods are unwieldy back at home, as well as when traveling, with few good storage options.

That’s where the Ardito Surf Rod rules. Breaking down into five sections, storage isn’t a problem, and neither is transport. But don’t let its extreme portability fool you. This isn’t a one-trick pony.

Featuring Fuji “Low Rider” guides with aluminum oxide rings and blanks made of X45, which eliminates twisting, along with premium reel seats and rock-solid connections between segments, this rod is first class.

Whether you’re catching sharks, big drum, tarpon, stripers or even big rays in the surf, the Ardito Surf Rod is up to the task, without breaking the bank.

For more info, visit: daiwa.us

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