Prep your reels now for 2019 season

A summer of battling redfish in the salty waters of South Louisiana can shorten the life of your reels. But adding a little Corrosion X before putting them up for the winter can have them ready for action next spring.

Use Corrosion X in the red can, guide says

The 2018 fishing season is almost over for those of us diehard hunters. We’ll trade in the rod for a rifle or shotgun, and spend the rest of the year in the woods or a blind.

And we all too often just prop our rods in the corner and forget about them until we need them next year.

Only to discover a season of coastal fishing has left enough gunk in the spinning reels to seize them up.

That’s sure to cause problems with the wife when you order replacements.

But veteran charter guide Capt. Brent Roy said a little TLC could save you money in reels later.

All it takes is a small squirt of an anti-corrosion product called Corrosion X.

“I’ll back off the screws of the side plates just enough so I can squeeze the little straw into the hole, and I hit the button once,” Roy said.

He then tights up the screws and turns the handle.

“I turn the handle about 50 times to let that liquid get into the gears, and then I’m done,” the owner of Venice Charters said.

It’s important to note there are two versions of Corrosion X: one in a red can and another in a green can.

Use the red version, which is a liquid instead of a gel.

“It will creep into all those gears, and it breaks all that stuff up,” Roy said.

The return on the small investment in time will amaze you.

“That makes a huge, huge difference,” Roy said. “When I get (the reels) out in the spring, they are ready to go.”

Corrosion X is so good at its job that the impact lasts for a long time.

“You don’t have to put Corrosion X in each year, but if you do it every couple of years your reels will last a lot longer,” he said.

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