Commission eases urine ban (a little)

Mississippi has relaxed its previous ban on natural urine-based deer scents.

The Mississippi Commission on Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks voted Aug. 21 to back off a bit on its total ban on deer urine scent/lure products for the 2019-20 deer season. 

The Commission approved an exception to the recent ban of the use of natural deer urine, caused by fears that it could contribute to the spread of CWD. After much and careful consideration, Scott Coopwood, chairman of the Commission, said the Commission decided to allow certain brands that are tested for CWD and approved by the Archery Trade Association. According to Coopwood, Brands that are allowed will carry the ATA approval seal on the labels.

Coopwood said research showed the risk to be minimal, and commissioner Bill Cossar’s motion was accepted by a unanimous vote. It will become law after a 30-day comment period, in time for the 2019-20 deer season.

ATA approval

A visit to the Archery Trade Association’s website,, found this list of companies with scent products receiving the ATA approval:

Black Widow Deer Lures Inc.; Buck Baits LLC; Buck Bomb Inc.; Code Blue; Conquest Scents; CreekSide Whitetails; Denver’s Deer Scents Products; Green Dot Bioplastics; Harmon Scents; Hunter’s Edge; Hunter’s Specialities; Indianhead Whitetails; Jackies Deer Lures, LLC; James Valley Scents; Jinx’em Scents; LockDown Outdoors; Ms. Doe Pee Buck Lures; Nationwide Scents; Nature’s Best Deer Scents; Nexus Outdoors; Nose Down Scents, LLC; Portland Outdoors; Pure-fection Scents; Pure Whitetail; RAW Frozen Scents; TGX3 Deer Scents; Tink’s; TT’s Buck Wild Deer Scent; Wild Carrot Scents; Wildgame Innovations; Wildlife Research Center Inc.; Wyndscent; and, Wyoming County Whitetails.

To obtain ATA approval, companies must guarantee, through their participation in the ATA Program, that the cervid urine used in their products comes from participating Deer Protection Program facilities that comply with the following measures:

  • Participate in a federally approved CWD program.
  • Have documented all cervid movement in/out of herd.
  • Continually monitor their herd for CWD.
  • Allow additional facility inspections
  • Physically inspect 100% of the herd every three years.
  • Commit to advancement of sound science related to CWD.
  • Remain aware of CWD instances within 30 miles, and maintain minimum fence requirements.
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