December brings out the best in the Mississippi outdoors

December couldn’t have gotten here at a more appropriate time after a year of uncertainty. One thing is now certain: bow season has started off with a blast. Trophy bucks are hitting the ground at a rapid pace and men, women and children are harvesting some of the best early fall bucks you will ever see. If October and November are any indication of what is to come, then lock and load, buckle your seat belt and hold on for some of the best hunting this country has to offer, right here in the Southern Promised Land of Mississippi.

Becky Nicosia harvested a monster buck in Adams County with her bow, and several other hunters followed suit with trophies taken in Madison County, Carroll County, Montgomery County and many other places.

The December issue of Mississippi Sportsman magazine

If fishing is your game, check out Bobby Cleveland’s article “Seeing Red” and head to Bay St. Louis with Cleveland for a quick limit, and then head to the Biloxi Marsh for trophy redfish. Cleveland lets the readers in on an often-overlooked hot saltwater fishing time when many anglers have stowed away their gear and headed to the woods.

Crappie fishing doesn’t end when deer season begins. Plenty of Mississippi slabs are ready to go in your cooler if you know a few tricks. (PIcture by Dan Kibler)

John Felsher treats us with some good news in “From whiskers to waterfowl”. Abandoned catfish ponds can make for some outstanding duck hunting with just a little elbow grease. Here’s how-to pick-up mallards and maybe even a few other species of ducks where channel cats once thrived. Where once there was only whiskers, now there are ducks aplenty, ripe for the taking if you know how to transform those catfish havens to duck heaven.

Are you a die-hard angler and looking for a few more fish to close the year out then look no further than Felsher’s “Catch cold crappie” article as he lets out a not-so-secret tidbit about cold weather fishing on relatively deserted public waters. While Mississippi lakes are mostly empty of fishermen come winter, they’re still full of slabs. Here’s how a handful of pros fill their coolers when the weather’s cold.

As the year is winding down, many die-hard deer hunters are just gearing up for some fantastic, late-season deer hunting. Read along as I gives you a view of how expert deer hunter Chris Roberts puts in a little “Detective work for big deer”. As Mississippi’s season progresses, deer hunters need to know where their targets are. Have they changed areas? Have they gone nocturnal? This answer my friend is blowing in the wind as big bucks are chasing those hot mamas! Read along and you just might learn a few things about how to locate and harvest late season trophy bucks!

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