2018-19 Deer of the year

Mississippi hunters brought down some mighty impressive whitetails in the season that recently ended. Here’s a look at a few of them.

Deer hunters in Mississippi are blessed with some of the best habitat in the Southeast, the rich, alluvial soils washed down hundreds and hundreds of miles along the big river corridors, perfect building blocks for producing big bucks.

During the 2018-19 season, hunters proved again and again that the Magnolia State can spit out some deer that would be impressive anywhere in North America.

A handful of writers for Mississippi Sportsman have cataloged the hunts and hunters that were on the right end of the bows and rifles when Judgement Day arrived for big bucks across the state. Bobby Cleveland, Glynn Harris and Dan Kibler all contributed original stories that where shortened for this roundup of giant whitetails.

Itta Bena hunter hits the whitetail jackpot

A great kickoff

Pipeline trophy

A present for Dad

Hail Caesar!

A buck, not a duck

A real Bullwinkle

Third time is the charm

Like mother, like son