Mississippi Deer of the Year 2019-2020

Where and when were Mississippi’s best whitetail bucks taken during the 2019-20 season? You’ll get some idea here.

Yes, it was an interesting deer season in Mississippi, a period of four months or so after the flood waters receded enough for hunters to get into most of the deer woods in the Magnolia State.

Mississippi Sportsman chronicled the taking and tagging of a double-handful of the best bucks that fell since archery season opened last Oct. 1. The following are summaries of previously published stories written by Bobby Cleveland, Bill Garbo, Andy Douglas, Dan Kibler and Brian Cope.

We hope you enjoy reliving the way these great animals met their matches.

Dan Kibler
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Dan Kibler is managing editor of Carolina Sportsman. He has been writing about the outdoors since 1985.

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