DTX lives up to the Hype

Mission Archer’s F.I.T. cam system offers 80 percent let-off and 55 pounds of draw-weight adjustment for owners of the Hype DTX bow.

Mission’s new bow offers extreme adjustability

Not many years ago, compound bows offered little in terms of adjustability. Most models featured only 10 pounds of draw-weight range, and at most, only 3 inches of draw-length adjustment. For many first-time archers, this meant starting out shooting a higher draw weight than they were comfortable with so they wouldn’t have to purchase new limbs for a higher poundage later.  Worse yet, parents of youngsters who were still growing often had to purchase several bows before their kids reached adulthood.

That all changed in 2011 when Mission Archery introduced the Craze bow. This single, reasonably priced bow could fit archers from childhood through adulthood, and was adjustable without the use of a bow press. The Craze was a revolutionary development.

Building on this tradition of innovation, adjustability and value, Mission Archery introduced the Hype DTX bow for 2017. It features the same generous range of adjustment that the Craze and other similar models did, but with third-generation improvements and enhanced performance — making it the perfect choice for new archers. At first glance, the most notable upgrade is a beefed-up riser that is widened at the ends, making it more rigid and stable. Also, a Dead End string stop and Harmonic Stabilizer Lite are both standard features, serving to dampen vibration and noise and making this bow shoot like much higher-priced models.

The Hype DTX is built around Mission’s F.I.T. (Focused Inertia Technology) cam system, a dual- cam system that utilizes a tungsten carbide perimeter weight in each cam.  At the shot, these weights move in the opposite direction of string travel, counteracting torque and increasing performance. A rotating module allows for draw length adjustments from 19 to 30 inches without the use of a bow press. A single Allen screw allows the adjustment; it is easily accessible at all times. The F.I.T. cam system offers all of these features, plus up to 80 percent let-off, making it easy to hold at draw while settling for the shot.

Mission’s Hype DTX bow offers hunters plenty of flexibility because it’s so adjustable — without a bow press.

The Hype DTX also features Mission Archery’s patented limb pocket system, which allows for 55 pounds of draw-weight adjustment.  This bow will adjust from 15 to 70 pounds of draw weight without using a bow press. Gone are the days of having to purchase costly new limbs as an archer’s strength increases or decreases due to age, injury or experience. Plus, the limbs are fully contained in the pockets at all times for a quiet, accurate shot. The steel barrels that the limb bolts screw into provide an extra measure of strength and safety.

String and cables are Zebra Bowstrings Hybrid, which feature low stretch and are balanced to counteract peep rotation. A composite cable rod with a Teflon slide ensures there is no squeaking during the draw cycle to spook game animals. The composite grip is thin and very comfortable while at the same time helping to prevent torque. An axle to axle length of 31 inches with a 7-inch brace height makes this both an easy bow to hold on target, as well as extremely forgiving at the shot. Monkey Tails string silencers round out the damping technology and help to eliminate any string vibration, making this bow extremely quiet. The Hype DTX is offered in two colors, Lost Camo OT Brown, and black. I found the fit and finish to be above average — these are really nice looking bows.

The Hype DTX is a great bow for any archer looking for high-end performance at a value price, as well as growing kids, due to its extreme adjustability. With an MSRP of only $399 and all of the features I mentioned, this is one bow you can’t go wrong with.

Like all Mathews/Mission Archery bows, it carries a lifetime warranty to the original owner, with service that is unparalleled in the industry. With Christmas fast approaching, it makes a great gift for any kid.

If you are in the market for a new bow, you owe it to yourself to visit a Mission Archery dealer and check one out. Or you can check them out online at Missionarchery.com.

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