Moultrie Panoramic 150i is trail-cam prize

Mississippi law allows, by permit in the offseason, hunters to put corn or other grain on the ground to help pull deer to a camera survey. Putting a camera around a legal feeder is allowed all year.

Kerry French has had his share of frustration from trail cameras, and not just for failure of capturing deer photos.

“Over the years I have bought a dozen of them with highly mixed results,” said French, a longtime deer hunter from Ebenezer. “It does not seem to make any difference what brand they are, either. They don’t work initially fresh out of the box, quit after a short time, eat up batteries, or just produce lousy photos no matter what I do.

“On top of that, the field of view on most cameras is so narrow that when a deer walks across in front of the lens, it only gets part of the deer. That is on the fastest timed cameras available, too. Many times I only get the you-know-what end of a buck and never get to see the head or antlers. That can drive me nuts.”

French didn’t give up, instead continuing to search for a workable device.

“So, I kept trying this brand of camera, or that model, trying to find a good one that not only worked reliably but produced full sized shots of the deer passing by the camera,” he said. “I carried several back to the dealers only a week after buying them. I’d hate to mention the brand names, because some of them are highly advertised, well-known brand names in the hunting and outdoor marketplace. But, of course we know that most if not all of these units are made overseas, where frankly they have no idea about deer hunting.”

French finally found a camera he likes.

“Luckily I can now report that I have found one new model and brand of camera that is delivering everything I had always hoped for in a trail camera,” he said. “This is the new Moultrie Panoramic 150i Game Camera with a solar panel accessory added. Now, I don’t sell deer cameras so you can take or leave my recommendation, but here it is.

“First this unit is a wide-view camera that captures a full 180 degrees of view. Now I am catching the full view of a broadside-standing deer from head to toe. It has really made the difference in helping me get a much better look at the bucks on my property. Often this wide-view camera is collecting multiple shots of several deer and several bucks all at once.”

French said the camera has durability, too.

“So far this camera has withstood the elements, too, rain, wind and all Mother Nature has thrown at it,” he said. “With its 14-megapixel image resolution and infrared capability, I am getting good clear, crisp photos even in dim morning or sunset light, as well as the pitch dark night hours. This camera has really made a huge difference and is working well for me.”

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