Scouting: There’s an app for that

Scouting includes checking for active signs like fresh rubs, but to do so too often can contaminate an area.

I am a bit behind the proverbial 8-ball when it comes to cutting edge technologies applied to deer hunting. I still use my flip phone if I need to call home from deer camp, but I am increasingly being by my hunting mates.

However, I am more than happy to sit on the front porch to enjoy the breeze or at the fire ring in the yard on a cold day rather than hug the couch texting, posting Facebook junk, or otherwise playing with an iPhone.

In this technology-laden world, nobody can deny the endless amount of information that can be gleaned from computer applications available on handheld devices of all kinds including iPhones, tablets, iPads, and laptops or combos. The data resources available to hunters, landowners, game managers, and outdoors people is rather astonishing.

After researching 30 available “app” downloads for hunters, here are a few that I consider worth investigating. These are set up for iPhones or other devices, and may either be free or cost a small charge.

Trimble GPS Hunt Pro 

Every deer hunter needs a nimble GPS at their fingertips to display terrain views and aerial habitat maps from satellites with a realistic terra firma optical appeal. What you see is what is actually there, just as if you were flying overhead in an airplane. Hunt Pro also can show weather forecasts, which is certainly vital information. On the app, hunters can add names, show property boundaries, and other important information to help plan hunts.

Do you have so many trail cameras out all over a huge piece of property that you have a difficult time managing, cataloging and tracking all the photos and information?

If so, you could probably use HuntForce. This app’s purpose is as a trail camera management tool. This technology application will organize any number of cameras along with endless images that are captured. You can “spot” each camera on the property and each camera’s photos, upload them, then add only the ones you want to profile or pattern. 

This app is similar to HuntForce but it allows hunters to pin or track specific animals. You can even name the deer if so desired. Trail cam photos can be managed by date, property, camera number ID, weather conditions, and other critical factors.


This app is a hunting land management device that helps hunters calculate scent zones based on indicated wind directions and velocities matched with distance data and time factors. The app has over 40 icons to label trail camera placement, tree stand locations, deer feeder sites and such. I know my camp partner could use this because he keeps forgetting exactly where he put cameras.

ScoutLook Hunting Weather

Every day changing weather can be a huge factor in Mississippi deer hunting. This app will show a hunter the exact weather where he is hunting by using geocoding technology. The app mixes data from radar, wind information, solunar timing, and hourly changes in the barometric pressure to help a hunter know when and where to hunt. This one tracks wind info for 72-hour periods so hunters can pre-select the best tree stand locations ahead of going out to hunt.

A hunter’s best strategy is to research all the apps available, ask hunting buddies what they are using that works well, and making certain the app works on your device before signing up.

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