Wildgame Innovations Rival 20

Trail cameras have revolutionized the scouting aspect of deer hunting, and Wildgame Innovations’ Rival 20 Lightsout camera is a great example of the hows and whys.

This camera will carry a 32GB card, allowing hunters to log thousands of photos, and it runs on 8 AA batteries. It comes with an adjustable strap and alligator clips to make it easier to attach to a tree, a stake — however you mount your trail cams.

The Rival 20 carries two lens, for daylight and nighttime images, it’s a quiet camera with an infrared LED flash that won’t alarm animals when the shutter opens and closes. Images are of high quality, and the camera can be set to take photos at intervals of  5, 15 or 30 seconds, plus videos.

A bright, LCD screen allows for quick and easy selection of settings; it takes only a minute to set up once it’s mounted.

RSPV: $159.99

For more info, visit: wildgameinnovations.com

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