Young hunter’s first buck recovery captured on video

Brayson Briggs killed his first buck in St. Catherine Creek National Wildlife Refuge.

Nice 9-point went down on St. Catherine Creek NWR

Just about everyone nowadays has a video camera in their pocket — and Shaun Briggs used his smartphone brilliantly to capture the moment his son Brayson realized he had killed his very first buck.

Briggs didn’t get the actual kill shot on camera, but got up and located the dead deer — and returned to his son, but had a little fun and told Brayson he had missed.

The rest of the video speaks for itself, and the moment the youngster realizes he actually connected with the 9-pointer is extra-special: Definitely a memory father and son will cherish forever.

The buck weighed about 150 pounds, and was taken on the St. Catherine Creek National Wildlife Refuge near Natchez.

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