New adhesive product can provide quick repairs in the field to almost anything

Vettec's SG-20 adhesive can make quick repairs to all kinds of damaged outdoor gear in just minutes.

SG-20 made quick work of a boot repair, offers many repair options

Vettec’s SG-20 is a new product marketed as a quick fix for leaky waders and hip boots, but we discovered rather quickly that it works on more than those two problems – and heavier ones at that.

We repaired a pair of leaky hip boots last winter, but it was this past turkey season, when my son’s hunting boots split apart, that we got a real test for this new outdoors adhesive. The rubber sole began to separate from the rest of one boot, but a quick squirt of SG-20, which comes in a convenient applicator tube, and he was back in action in the same day.

SG-20 is a blend of two polyurethane adhesive materials that sticks to neoprene, canvas and a variety of other materials. Damaged gear can be fixed by drying it out and applying SG-20, which comes in a syringe-like applicator that mixes the adhesives. According to the company, the repair takes about an hour. We won’t dare dispute that schedule, because the repaired boots were ready to go if we’d had an afternoon hunt planned.

“SG-20 is a high-tech adhesive that is as sturdy as it is fast. Other repair adhesives require a full 24 hours to completely set and dry. SG-20 sets and dries within one hour, making it the fastest and most effective repair adhesive for outdoor gear available,” said Frank Rovelli, general manager of Vettec, Inc. “As a group, hunters spend nearly $450 million dollars a year on special hunting clothing, boots, waders and foul weather gear. SG-20 can help sportsmen extend the life of their gear and keep it in good repair wherever their adventures take them.”

The adhesive material used in SG-20 isn’t new – but the outdoors application is. The adhesives were originally used by farriers to repair cracks in the hooves of horses.

SG-20 comes in a repair kit with one dispensing cartridge, a plunger, three mixing tips and a plastic sheet that can be used for smoothing out the sealant upon application. The adhesive remains good for up to a year after the cartridge is opened and can be used multiple times.

SG-20 is being sold for $19.99 per kit at and at select retailers. For more information, visit the website.

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