Nighttime Bandits

Coon hunting with hounds is a deep-rooted tradition all across the South, but especially in the Magnolia State.

These masked marauders liven up chilly Mississippi nights.

“Load up, Music!”

The old blue tick coon hound did as Buddy Lisk commanded, leaping excitedly onto the tailgate of the pickup and settling in next to his litter mate, Blaze, for the short ride to Christian Bottom.

Both hounds knew that something was in the cold February air — they had been trying to get out of their pen all afternoon.

Arriving at our destination along the bank of Bayou Pierre, Mr. Buddy dropped the tailgate, and the two blue ticks were off like a streak into the darkness of the bottomland hardwoods. Within seconds, Blaze let out a deep bellow that rolled through the woods like distant cannon fire, and we knew she had struck a trail.Click here to read more on Nighttime Bandits

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