North Carolina’s No. 2 all-time black bear killed by Virginia hunter

Thomas Capps of Richmond, Va., killed this 782-pound black bear on Tuesday in Hyde County. It is the second-heaviest bear ever killed in North Carolina.

Richmond man takes 782-pound male bruin with three shots from .300 Magnum

On the morning of Nov. 11, Thomas Capps of Richmond, Va., killed a 782-pound black bear from a blind overlooking a field of soybeans and corn on private land in Hyde County. The bear is officially the largest-ever killed in North Carolina by a still-hunter and is the second-largest bear ever taken in the state.

Greg Batts, a wildlife biologist with the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission confirmed the kill and was present when the bear was weighed on a set of certified scales in Fairfield. He said the male bear was 2 pounds heavier than the bear that was previously North Carolina’s No. 2 all-time bruin.

“He was a real brute,” Batts said.

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