Mississippi’s dove season re-opens in December

Diehard hunters love to hunt doves during the late season, as it provides some fast and furious action when most people have gone to the woods in search of bucks and small game.

That takes some of the pressure off the doves and gives hunters an opportunity to experience some of the most-fantastic dove hunting you’ll ever experience.

Hunters in the Northern zone have a Dec. 25-Jan. 9 season, while hunters in the South zone can take doves Dec. 19-Jan. 31.

You can harvest doves almost anywhere in Mississippi where there’s an abundance of natural food, the Delta is still king of late-season dove hunting. Many landowners prepare late-season crops specifically for doves and a few even have dove-hunting clubs or leases that they make available for a price. They usually keep up with which fields doves are using and ;keep their hunters in spots where the doves are concentrated.

There’s nothing quite as exciting as shooting mature, migratory doves that have come down from up north; they are typically bigger and make great sport. If you don’t have access to Delta hunting, then check out cutovers and areas that have a new growth of wildflowers and seeds. After the plants die, they put out thousands of seeds that doves love, and you can have quite a good hunt when they’re feeding on those dried seeds.

If you’re looking for fast paced dove hunting action, then late season dove hunting is just the ticket.

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