Swagger QD42 Bipod

This bipod is solid and highly adjustable

With some bipods, shooters feel stuck in one shooting position, waiting for their target to step into range. Others are limiting because of height adjustments (or lack thereof), weight, and lack of mobility. But the Swagger QD42 has none of those problems.

Adjusting from 14 to 42 inches, and weighing less than a pound, the QD42 adjusts at the push of a button, offering easy, last-second changes, and leading to highly accurate shots.

With the QD42, hunters can shoot from seated positions, ground blinds, tree stands and countless other situations. When you really need to steady yourself in rough terrain, remove the rubber feet to reveal the spiked ones, keeping your shot rock-steady.

The system’s Quick Adapt Technology gives hunters the solid control of other shooting sticks, with the maneuverability and complete control that’s not offered in conventional barrel rests.

It’s available for all rifles, shotguns and crossbows.

For more info, visit: swaggerbipods.com

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