THAW Rechargeable Hand Warmers

Handwarmer doubles as battery bank

Most personal handwarmers are messy, produce unwanted smells, and are trash after one-time use.

But technology has finally caught up to these items that have become essential to sportsmen who love spending time afield in winter.

THAW’s rechargeable hand warmers are packed with features. They recharge with standard USB-C cables, and double as power banks, so you can use them to charge your cell phone, iPad or other electronics devices.

But their true beauty is in keeping you afield longer, warming your hands for all-day comfort.

The small version heats on High (140 degrees) for 5 hours, Medium (127 degrees) for 7 hours, and Low (114 degrees) for 10 hours.

The large version heats on high for 10 hours, medium for 14, and low for a whopping 17 hours.

These hand warmers feature memory recall and offer double-sided heating.

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