Fool a snow

All-white clothing is an option for hunters targeting late-season snow geese.

Concealment is key to taking snow geese

As soon as duck season ends, a choice few waterfowlers will pack away their duck decoys and layout boats and unload masses of white decoy shells for the snow goose conservation season.

Along with the masses of decoys, hunters will need to figure out a way to conceal themselves in the middle of 1,000 decoys without being noticed. If one goose out of a group of 500 sees trouble, the rest of the flock will respond and leave hunters empty handed.

Two basic ways to stay hidden are full concealment or plain sight. Full camouflage is the most-common method hunters use to break up their cover and hide from the incoming geese. With most fields that attract geese being planted in wheat, camo that includes browns, grays, and patches of dark green are tough to beat. Hunters can also fully conceal themselves in a layout blind that allows hunters to lay back and relax under two spring-loaded doors; in times of brutally cold weather, they can offer some degree of wind protection and warmth.

Another way to hide from geese is out in the open, in the flock, wearing all-white apparel. White jackets, face masks and pants provide hunters full concealment while adding additional eye-catching white to the decoy spread.

Regardless of which type of concealment hunters end up using, the most-important aspect is beyond the type of camouflage chosen. Hunters need to hide their faces, and the best way is by wearing a face mask, because a shiny face will stick out like sore thumb in the middle of a drab field.

Mississippi’s Light Goose Seasons

Conservation Order Season (special permit required): Feb. 1-7, Feb. 9-March 31.

Bag limits: No limit.

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