Migratory opportunities abound

Well before duck season opens, hunters have plenty of other November opportunities on migratory birds.

The light goose conservation order allows hunters to take snow, blue and Ross’ geese outside the normal goose season. This year’s order began Oct. 1; the first segment runs through Nov. 10. It will reopen Feb. 1-7 and Feb. 9-March 31. 

A free, special permit is required from the MDWFP before hunting under the conservation order, but that’s one of the few restrictions, along with mandatory non-toxic shot (no lead). These geese don’t have a limit, shotguns do not have to be plugged and electronic calls are allowed. While a valid Mississippi hunting license (unless exempt) and a state waterfowl stamp is required, no federal waterfowl stamp is necessary.

The regular goose season opens Nov. 11 and ends Nov. 24, then coincides with the duck season (Nov. 29-Dec. 1 and Dec. 6-Jan. 31). Regular waterfowl rules are in effect: non-toxic shells, guns plugged to hold no more than three shells, state license and both state and federal waterfowl stamps required.

Dove hunters have limited opportunity in November. In the South Zone, the second season that opened in October runs through Nov. 6. In the North Zone, the second season ends Nov. 16. Both zones will have a third season in December and January.

Crow season opens Nov. 2 and runs through Feb. 28. As usual, there is no limit.

The snipe season opens Nov. 14 and ends on Feb. 28.

The seasons on gallinules and rails, which was open during September, reopens on Nov. 22 and will end Dec. 31.

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