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  • Broadheads

    ? For you Bowhunters.If you could only use one Broadhead what kind would it be Fixed or Mechanical.
    I use the Vortex Broadhead. Most every one I know has moved on to the latest and greatest next thing out there but I love the Vortex. I shot a very large 7 point last year and it only ran about 10 yards.

    What I like about them is they have such a wide cut. There are two sizes get the widest one. It is only two blades but the cut is so wide it is incredible.

    Personally I think a single cut is better than two if it is twice as wide. A small cut can barely miss stuff but a wide cut can't be made through an animal without hitting something.

    Now I am not one that thinks 'my' broadhead is the only one that works but it works for me and flies like a field point, which is probably the biggest selling point of mechanicals over fix blade broadheads.

    Another that I have tried was the relatively new Atom. Shot a doe with one a few years ago and it did everything it was suppose to do. It has a wire instead of blades which allow it to flex around bone. This should give you better penetration since cutting ribs and stuff isn't what kills the deer. Of course if you hit a rib square the point will have to bust it up like any other broadhead. Atom would be my second choice.
    I use 3-blade Rage. Course, I haven't hit anything with them, yet.

    But I hear they are bad to the bone. lol
    Go with Mechanical....
    Like most gear, I stick with it until someone PROVES to me there is something better. Fortunatetly a few years back over the span of a few weekends, while still using traditaional broadheads a friend and I shot two equal sized does a piece and hit them similarly. His Rocket Mechanical broadhead brought'em down in half the distance my traditional tip did. Having used a NAP broadhead I stayed loyal to the brand and have been using Spitfire 100 gr ever since.