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  • changing broadheads...

    I am interested in trying a new broadhead this year (I'm not a big fan of mechanicals). Has anyone used an 'Atom'? If so, what kind of results did you have?
    I give it a thumbs up. I shot one doe with an atom. The deer was walking away from me when I shot and I was shooting downward at a fairly good angle and she was close to straight away than broadside.

    I hit he high on the left side near the back of her lungs... in the lungs. The exit point was in the opposite arm pit.

    The arrow stayed in but that isn't a reflection of lack of penetration because the broadhead did exit but then immediately reentered the fur on the inside of her leg and hit the leg bone square. Would take a 30-06 to penetrate through all of that.

    I saw her running off with just the fletching sticking out of her back. She ran about 20 yards and was out of sight. She then ran another 15 yards before bailing off into my neighbors cutover. I found her about 8 yards into the cutover.

    It did its job as well as any broadhead could on that shot. That is the only deer I have ever shot with an atom. I have always used vortex and I can buy vortex right down the road. Atoms are a lot harder to find so I just have stuck with the vortex.

    I have used vortex for year with good results and saw no reason to change. Never saw anything that looked like it was better and I love the huge wide cut that the wide vortex makes.

    But then the Atom came out and for the first time ever it looked to me like there might be something better. What I liked was that the 'blades' really wire can flex around bone. The cutting of a rib takes up a lot of energy and does little to actually quickly kill the deer. The atom limits the cutting of that bone in a lot of cases which should allow it to get great penetration.

    And we all know that penetration is a requirement for a great blood trail.

    So the Atom gets a big thumbs up from me! Hope this helped.
    atom, vortex
    Thanks Mike, I appreciate the feedback. You are the first person that I've talked to who has tried them out; it sounds to me like I need to give 'em a shot. You are definitely right, the Atom is not easy to find locally.

    I like the idea of the wire flexing as opposed to a traditional fixed blade getting lodged into bone on a not so perfect shot.

    Hopefully I'll have pictures to show with a deer down, courtesy of an Atom.

    Which model Vortex do you use?
    which one
    Never knew the model till I just looked it up. The vortex pro-extremes, 100 grain and 2.5 cutting diameter.

    If you are shooting down on a deer and get good hit and pass through sometimes you are talking about an exit wound that is huge. Depends on the position of the blades on exit but I have seen exit wounds that were 6 inches long. I can only imagine the blood trail that would leave. I can only imagine because it never took a step.

    It isn't something that happens ever time but I have had blood trails that you had to walk to the side of, because the blood would have covered you boots.

    My philosopy is this. Your body is like a road map when it comes to arteries and veins. Having a wide cut give you a better chance of hitting something big (artery/vein) than if you have the same amount or even more cutting surface but more blades. The blades on three and for blade broadheads only stick out so far from the center.

    hmmm... hard to put in words actually. But if I cut you in half you are dead, 100% of the time. But If I cut you 1/4 of the way in half 4 times you have a chance of not having something major destroyed, depending on what gets cut.

    Never mind haha... Give me the wide cut. Its more deadly. There! lol
    not sure
    Ben, I don't know anything about the Atoms. I'm shooting Rage, and they're driving me nuts. Now, to be clear, I haven't shot a deer with them yet - and I hear they are devastating.

    What drives me nuts is I've missed with a couple of them, and now the O rings aren't holding the blades firmly intact any more.

    Every time I touch the danged things the blades fall away.

    Think I just need to change out the O rings? I hate to buy new braodheads because they're expensive as all get-out.
    Andy, lol! I bought some Rage last season...almost cut finger off trying to get the dang o-ring on it. you're doing better than I did with 'em!
    Only time
    The only time I shoot my broadheads is when I am shooting at a deer. That is why I like the vortex (or most mechanicals), because they fly like field tips.