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    On Dec. 20, 2014 at 7:30 a.m. I was hunting a stand in the Big Black Swamp south of Vicksburg, MS. I was hunting a food plot and saw two deer walking across the lane, but could not tell what they were. About 20 minutes later a doe came out in the lane in front of me and she looked back at a deer that was behind her. Through the trees I could see horns and could tell it was a buck. I had no clue how big the buck was. I could tell it was a good buck, but could not see the exact size. I had my scope focused on the place where the doe had crossed the lane. When the buck finally came out all I could see was horns. I pulled down to his shoulder and took the shot. He began running toward me and I froze. He then went down about 75 yards in front of the stand. I looked at his horns through my scope and was amazed at his rack! About 15 minutes later I got down from the stand and went to take a look at the deer. The closer I got to the buck the bigger he looked. I counted 12 points with an unusual horn growing out of his forehead. He was the biggest deer I have ever seen or taken.

    The Buck was green scored by a Pope & Young scorer at 165 inches gross. My contact information is Kennon Ferguson at 601-209-2670 and email is

    Thanks so much,
    Kennon Ferguson