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  • tighten up.....

    On top of being an avid obsessed waterfowler my other weakness is archery. That means taking deer with it not just shooting the dang thing! We better get on the ball if we are gonna keep it in the books. It is on the plate now to reduce the days for archery to an extent. Who wants to be an avid archer and have fellas running around with firearms at the same time? Even though we do choose to hunt during the gun seasons we still like the peaceful feeling of walking in the woods that October with nothing but bow in hand with no firearms present. Better vote on it now! Before it is too late! MBHA worked their tails off for us to have this as it is now! So , get your membership! Get your vote in! Save our early peaceful time in the woods!
    Why not?
    fedrh20, why shouldn't the seasons be modified? I'm not trying to argue one way or the other. i'm just curious so I can make a educated decision.

    Thanks for the input.
    The argument against is that bow season only will be reduced from almost 7 weeks to just over 4 weeks. As far as I know that is the argument against it.

    The only other argument that I can really think of is that with the muzzleloader season now allowing some repeating centerfire rifles from Nov. 1. till the end of January that this will be too much pressure for public lands as well as private lands that don't do a good job of using much self control.

    If you put a bunch of people on a piece of land and give them 3 solid months with rifles then they could very well kill 90% or more of the legal bucks.

    Upside of the proposal is more days in a stand with a gun.

    So think about it and let your voice be heard here and to the legislature.
    antler restrictions?
    Mike, wouldn't the antler restrictions hold down the buck harvest? i knwo what you're saying about a lot of hunters on a given piece of land with rifles, but that's why there are limits and angler restrictions, right?

    Just my 2 cents. Any thoughts about that?
    leave it alone
    If they change the season it means youth weekend will be the 3rd weekend in Oct. and disabled youth weekend would be the 2nd weekend in Oct. I wish they would leave it alone, if it isn't broke dont try to fix it. We have 70+ days of gun season now if you cant kill all the does you want you really aren't trying then.
    Strictly Bowhunter
    I only hunt with a bow. I am not really up in arms about this but I do hate I will lose the serenity of the cool mornings in late October and early November. There is no doubt in my mind the deer will become more nocturnal when things start going BOOM!! I will surely miss the serenity! As a bowhunter, I despise noise and a rifle discharging is no exception.:)
    we WON!!!!!! WE WON!!!!
    No need to worry..... THe bill died !!!!! So lets hear it for those guys that went to Jackson and sent the congressmen and women the votes! Thanks to the MS Bowhunters Asso...... Lets make sure we renew or get our memberships with those guys. Keep it Alive!
    imatroutkiller asked why shouldn't the season be changed. I wasn't arguing for or against the bill in my post, I was just trying to answer his question by giving some possible reasons that would be raised as to why someone wouldn't be for it.
    Its a done deal for now and no need to argue. Fact is yes , we bowhunters can hunt all season with our bows. BUT! It is nice to have those days where we dont have to worry about gun hunters in the woods while we are bow hunting. In comparison...... I believe to dog hunters, hunting during the still season..... If the populations are over the top in specific areas just up the harvest ratio..... I do know that I take out a doe or two then I trophy hunt. 10-15 bucks a pop for an arrow gets steep when you just sling em around at those slick heads. I see the side to both needs.
    Guess I will bite the bullet this year and try to find out what actually needs to be taken at what ever WMA I draw and shoot for that first. I do not believe I should have to let a trophy buck walk just to take a doe out though.
    Ya know, I was thinking. After all the draws I have had at Twin Oaks and Mahannah during those sweltering October months. I have let tons of does walk waiting on that buck to walk under me. More times than I can count I went home empty handed. I guess I will do my part and take a doe this time.
    So is this a done deal. Is the bill really dead. Just haven't been following it lately.